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Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University

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Futala Lake Road, Nagpur - 440 001
Registrar Office
Phone Nos. :0712-2511784
Fax. No. : 0712-2511273
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Telephone Numbers and EPABX Numbers at

Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University, Nagpur (EPABX No. 2511784, 85)

Name of Office Telephone No. Fax No. Ext. No. Name of Officer & Mob No Email
Office of Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor
HVC 2511088, 2053658 2511282 2057 Prof. A. K. Misra
PS HVC 2513004 2059 Dr. S. V. Upadhye
Technical officer Dr. B. R. Kadam
PA HVC 2511282 2058 Shri S. S. Gaidhani
Office of DI and Dean (Vet)
DI & Dean 2053707 2015 Dr. A. S. Bannalikar
Technical officer 2060 Dr. P. E. Taksande
Office of Director of Research
Director of Research 2040028 2063 Dr. A. S. Bannalikar
Deputy Director Research 2064 Dr. J. P. Korde
Technical officer 2062 Dr. Waqar Khan
Office of Director of Extension
Director of Extension 2040019 Dr. A. P. Somkuwar
Technical officer Dr. Gitanjali Dhume
Technical officer Dr. Sariput P. Landge
Office of Dean (Lower Education)
Dean (Lower Education) 2511787 Dr. N. N. Zade
Technical officer Dr. S. M. Godbole
Office of Comptroller
Comptroller 2511283, 2040022 2022 Shri. D. B. Raut
Assistant Comptroller 2020 Shri. R. S. Kirtane
Pay and Accounts Officer 2019
Drawing and Disbursing Officer 2032 Shri. M. T. Gawande
Office of Registrar
Registrar 2053657 2010 Shri. D. B. Raut
PA to Registrar 2511273 2511273 2009 Shri. Ajay Khutate
Academic Section
Deputy Registrar (Academic) 2510017, 2040119 2048 Dr. S. W. Kawitkar
Technical Officer 2049/50 Dr. Shalaka Salvekar
Establishment Section
Deputy Registrar (Est) (Information Officer) 2045 Dr. A. P. Gawande
Assistant Registrar 2045 Shri. P. V. Kharabe
Office of Controller of Examination
Controller of Examination 2510410, 2040191 2510410 2005 Dr. S. W. Bonde
Technical officer 2004 Dr. Gauri Fiske
Director of Student's Welfare
Director Student's Welfare 2040900 2043 Dr. S. B. Akhare ------
Office of University Engineer
University Engineer 2039 Shri. V. C. Vaidya
Deputy Engineer 2034 Shri. A. G. Gurav
General Section
Technical Officer 2036 Dr. A. P. Dhok ------
Technical Officer 2036 Dr. M. D. Bobade ------
University Library
University Librarian 2510058 Shri S. N. Gawande

Name and addresses of Associate Deans and In-Charge Farms under MAFSU, Nagpur

Sr. No Name Address Phone, Fax, Mobile Email
Veterinary Colleges
1 Dr. A. M. Paturkar Associate Dean, BVC, Mumbai Ph-022-24130162, Fax-022-24172301,
2 Dr. N. N. Zade Associate Dean, NVC, Nagpur Ph-0712-2511402, Fax-0712-2510883,
3 Dr.(Mrs.) S. B. Majee Associate Dean, COVAS, Parbhani Ph-02452-228176, Fax-02452-226188,
4 Dr. A. G. Karpe Associate Dean, COVAS, Udgir Ph-02385-254714, Fax-02385-254714
5 Dr. A. S. Ranade Associate Dean, KNPCVS, Shirval Ph-02169-244227, Fax-02169244687
6 Dr. H. S. Birade Associate Dean, PGIVAS, Akola Ph-0724-2258643, Fax-0724-2258644
Fishery Colleges
1 Dr. P. T. Jadhav Associate Dean, COFS, Nagpur Ph-0712-2567192, Fax-0712-2567192
2 Dr. A. G. Karpe Associate Dean, COFS, Udgir Ph-02385-256672, Fax-02385-256690,258756
Dairy Technology Colleges
1 Dr. S. P. Changade Associate Dean, DTC, Warud Ph-07233-248696, Fax-07233-226188
2 Dr. P. G. Wasnik Associate Dean, DTC, Udgir Ph-02385-254754, Fax-02385-254754
Cattle Breeding Farms
1 Dr. D. S. Raghuwanshi Deputy Director Research CBF, Nagpur Ph-0712-2531311
2 Dr. Kanedkhedkar Deputy Director Research BGDSRC, Borgaon Manju Ph-0724-2237337
3 Dr. G. S. Ambore Deputy Director Research CBF, Igatpuri (Nashik) Ph-02553-289033, Fax-02553-289033
4 Dr. V. M. Salunkhe Deputy Director Research COVAS, Udgir Ph-02385-256836,,

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