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Completed Schemes
Sr.No Name of Scheme Name Of P.I & Address Insitution Date Of Start Year Total Cost
1. Diagnosis of non-penetrating foreign bodies syndrome in boving (ICAR , NATP-CGP) Dr. B.P. Dandge P.I. & Head , Surgery, Post Graduate Institute of Vet .& Animal Science, Akola. 1.4.2002 3 years 12,67,810 NATP
2. " Utilization of By-Products of Pulses, Oilseeds along with Coarse Cereal Grains for Intensive Goat Production". (ICAR , NATP RPPS - 12 ) Dr. D.H.Rekhate, Associate Professor , PGIVAS, Akola July-2000 3 years 22,87,950 NATP
3. "Effect of Micronutrients, Herbal Drugs and Homeopathic Drugs and Sub-Clinical Mastitis in Goats and Neonatal Diseases of Their Kids" (ICAR, NATP-CGP) Dr. D.L. Bijwal Head Medicine , PGIVAS, Akola 1.4.2002 3 years 21,62,310 NATP
4. "Imroving the utilization of coarse cereal cropesidues by strategic supple mentation for livestock feeding." (ICAR , NATP RNPS-17 (PSR) Dr. R.N.Dhore Assoc. Prof. Anim , Nut. PGIVAS (MAFSU) Akola July-2000 3.6 years (Dec.2003) 23,04,000 NATP
5. "Establishment of ultrasound guided transvaginal oocyte retrieval (TVOR) from Cows and buffaloes for invitro embryo Production" (DBT) Dr. C. H. Pawshe Asstt. Prof. Department of Gynaecology PGIVAS, Akola 18.9.2000 4 years 49,24,000 DBT
6. "Impact of micronutrients on hormonal profile and productivity status of baffallo" (ICAR,Ad-hoc) Dr. V. P. Pathak Assist. Prof. of Vety. Pathology, PGIVAS, Akola-444 104 30.1.2003 3 years 17,60,800 Ad-hoc, ICAR
7. "Quality Assurance and Monitoring of Food from livestock and Poultry" ( ICAR, NATP-MM) Dr. A. M. Paturkar Professor of VPH, BVC, Parel , Mumbai 1.11.1999 3 years (31.12.03) 1,76,45,000 NATP
8. " Weather -Based Animal Disease Forecasts" (ICAR, NATP-WB) Dr. D.V. Keskar Asso. Prof. & CCPI., Dept.of Medicine, Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai April 2000 3.9 years (Dec.04) 14,62,100 NATP
9. "Network Programme on Agricultural By - Products as Animal Feed" (ICAR, Network project) Dr. V.D. Kank , Deptt of Animal Nutrition, Bombay Vety College, Parel, Mumbai. 1.4.02 1 years 1,12,00,000 ICAR-NETWORK
10. "Establishment of Central Computer Laboratory" ( FIST-DST) Dr. S. G. Narayankhedkar Head Dept.of Animal Production, Diary Science, Poultry Science and Extension, Bombay Vet. College , Mumbai. 01.04.2001 2 years (31.12.03) 12,20,000 DST
11. "Development of a Viral Poultry Vaccine Using Gamma radiation" (BARC) Dr. (Mrs.) Sharmila B. Majee Principal Investigator & Asstt. Prof. of Microbiology ,BVC Mumbai . 18.10.2001 2 years (31.03.04) 9,20,150 BARC
12. "Setting up of Veterinary Nuclear Medicine Center" (BARC) Dr. A. Samad, P.I. & Prof. Head Deptt. of Medicine , Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai . Jan, 2000 3 years (31.03.03) 87,00,000 BARC
13. "Studies on inhibin immunization for improving fertility of the Indian Buffalo" (ICAR-Ad hoc) Dr. B.T. Deshmukh PI & Assoc. Prof. of Physiology , Bombay Vaterinary College, Parel, Mumbai. 01.12.2000 3 years 18,89,520 Ad-hoc, ICAR
14. "Incidence of Metabolic and Nutrional diseases with Special reference to paralytic syndrome, and their impact on immunological and health status of cattle in Konkan region" (ICAR-Ad hoc) Dr. P.S.Lonkar Professor of Pathalogy, BVC, Parel, Mumbai 11.09.2001 3 years (10.09.04) 22,62,248 Ad-hoc, ICAR
15. "Surveillance of Viral Encephalitis in Large & Small ruminants in and around Mumbai city" (ICAR-Ad hoc) Dr.(Mrs.) A.A. Sherikar, Prof. & Head Bacteriology, Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai. 01.01.2000 3 years (30.6.03) 31,25,384 Ad-hoc, ICAR
16. "Establishment of Diagnositc Laboratory for the Animals & birds at Deptt. Of Pathology" ICAR (RFS) Dr. P. S. Lonkar Professor of Pathalogy, BVC, Parel, Mumbai. 19.09.1998 3 years 4,95,000 RFS,ICAR
17. "Epidermiology and Immunopathology of bovine Occular Synomous Cell Carcinoma with reference to eye and horn Cancer".(ICAR Ad-hoc Project) Dr. Mrs. Nehete Department of Pathology, Bombay Veterinary College. 24.04.2000 24.04.03 17,98,180 Ad-hoc, ICAR
18. "Establishment of Western Region Referral Laboratory for Meat and Meat Products Quality Standards" (ICAR, NATP (ToE)) Dr. A. M. Paturkar Professor of VPH, BVC, , Mumbai 01.03.2003 31 Dec. 04 3,04,85,300 NATP
19. "Central schemes of development and cultivation of medicine plants" (GOI, Min.of Health & family welfare,Deptt.of Indian system of Medicine & Homeopathy National Medicinal Plants Borard, New Delhi.) Dr. S. G. Narayankhedkar P.I. & Prof. Head , Animal Husbandry, BVC , Mumbai. 31.03.2001 4 years 15,00,000 Mini.of Health & Family welfare , Govt.
20. Utilization of whey for the development of helth drink (ICAR-Adhoc) Dr. Kokane, PI & Assoc. Prof., Department of Dairy Science, Mumbai 28.08.2003 ------ 19,04,360 Ad-hoc, ICAR
21. Empowerment & Capacity Building to Implement Herd Health And Productivity Improvement In dairy Animals (NABARD) Dr. D. G. Dighe, Assistant Prof. & PI. , Medicine, Bombay Veterinry College, Parle, Mumbai 16.03.2004 2 years 4,24,600 NABARD
22. Studies on hurmoral immune stutus of crossbred & indigenous dairy cattle (ICAR) Dr. B. A. Kulkarni, PI., Prof. Department of Physiology & Biochemistry, BVC, Mumbai 01.06.1991 6.2.2001 5,42,105 Ad-hoc, ICAR
23. In-vitro fertilization technique in buffalo" (ICAR-Ad hoc) Dr. S. K. Bakshi , Prof. & PI. , Gyanaecology , Bombay Veterinay College, Mumbai 01.07.1998 3 years 14,06,840 Ad-hoc, ICAR
24. ETT"Embryo Tranfer Technology in Animal production" (ICAR- Network) Dr. V. L. Deopurkar, PI & Deptt. Gynaecology, BVC, Mumbai 01.04.1997 5 years 25,56,000 ICAR-NETWORK
25. The world Bank award under the competition "India-Country Level Development Market Place" Dr. A. Samad, P.I. & Prof. Head Deptt. of Medicine , BVC, Mumbai . 01.08.2004 1 year 5,51,220 World Bank
26. Application of Deuterated Water as Thermostabilizer in Bacterial and Viral Vaccines (ICAR-Adhoc) Dr. (Mrs.) A. A. Sherikar, Prof. of Microbiology, BVC, Mumbai .i 18.07.2004 3 years 19,46,796 Ad-hoc, ICAR
27. Epidemiological study and toxicoathalogical effect of an environmental pollutants with special reference to animal health studies (ICAR-Ad-hoc) Dr. (Mrs.) R. S. Nehete, Associate Prof. of Pathology, BVC, Mumbai . 10/6/2005 (w.e.f. 4/5/05) 3 years 19,88,800 Ad-hoc, ICAR
28. Ad-hoc research scheme "Detection of pesticide residues in Animal Product (ICAR Ad-hoc) Dr. V. S. Waskar, Asstt. Prof. & Head, Dept. of Livestock Product Technology, BVC, Mumbai. 29/7/2005 3 years 23,55,000 Ad-hoc, ICAR
29. ICAR"Immunodiagnosis of bladder worms of food animals" Dr. V. S. Deshpade, Deptt. of Parasitology, BVC., Mumbai 26 July 2005 (w.e.f. 15/7/2005) 3 years 14,79,060 Ad-hoc, ICAR
30. Hematological and trace elements profile in different physioligical status of diary animals in Konkan region (ICAR-Ad-hoc) Dr. Mrs. B. A. Talvelkar, PI & Prof. Deptt. Of Physiology, BVC., Mumbai 6.10.1997 6.2.2001 12,77,421 Ad-hoc, ICAR
31. Application of Laproscopy for diagnosis and treatment of various reproductive disorder and embryo transfer in large and small animals (ICAR-Ad-hoc) Dr. Mrs. S. U. Gulavane, PI, & Associate Prof. Dept. of Gynocalogy, BVC, Mumbai Mar-98 2001 10,10,000 Ad-hoc, ICAR
32. Application of Ulrasonography for diagnosis (ICAR-Ad-hoc) Dr. V. L. Deopurkar, PI & Head, Deptt. Gynaecology, BVC, Mumbai . Jun-98 2001 12,76,000 Ad-hoc, ICAR
33. Safety/toxicity studies on two Ayurvdic Bhasma (CCRAS, New Delhi) Dr. M. D. Deore, Assistant Prof., Dept. of Pharmacology & Toxicology, BVC, Mumbai 21/4/ 2006 90 days 7,20,000 CCRAS
34. Studies on Haematological & enzyme profile in Buffalo (Brubalus bubalis) and their Influence on milk production and reproductive efficiency (Emeritus Sceintist Scheme) Dr. (Mrs.) B. A. Talwalkar, PI., Emeritus Scientist, Biochemistry, BVC, Mumbai 26/05/2005 14/06/06 3,29,000 Emeritus Sceintist
35. "Draft Power Assesment of different breeds of cattle & buffalo" ( ICAR , NATP-CGP) Dr. V.R. Bhamburkar Prof. & Head Deptt. Of Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur. 1st April 2002 3 years 11,53,940 NATP
36. "Commercial Raising of Broirs, (ICAR-RFS) Dr. B.S. Barmase, (PGIVAS, Akola) & Dr. S. M. Mandalekar ,(NVC,Nagpur) Assoc. Prof. Poultry science 11.01.1999 5 years 2,50,000 2,50,000 (Total-5lakh) RFS,ICAR
37. "Oral feeding of Takla Flower Juice for Diarrhoea Control in goats" ( ITK) ( ICAR, NATP- MM) Dr. N.P.Dakshinkar Assoc. Prof. Dept. of Medicine Nagpur Vety. College, Nagpur. Apr-04 1 years 85,000 NATP
38. "Smearing of Ridge Goard leave juice on the wound healing of animal" (ITK) (ICAR, NATP- MM) Dr. S.N. Patil Assoc. Prof. Deptt. of Surgery & Radiology Nagpur Vety. College, Nagpur. Apr-04 1 years 85,000 NATP
39. "Use of Bhangariya to Treat the blain" (ITK) ( ICAR, NATP- MM) Dr. C.R.Jangde Assoc. Prof Dept. of Pharmacology Nagpur vety. College , Nagpur. Apr-04 1 years 85,000 NATP
39(a). Treatment of Swelling of Neek and shoulder in Bullocks/Bulls Dr. M.S. Dhakate, Associate Prof. of Surgery, NVC, Nagpur Apr-04 Dec. 04 85,000 NATP
40. "Animal Health Information System through Disease Monitoring and Surveillance" (Weather based - ICAR, NATP-M.M.) Dr. D. R. Kalorey PI (NATP-CGP) Department of Microbiology Nagpur Veterinary College Nagpur. 26.8.2000 3 years & 6 month 18,98,600 NATP
41. "Survey Unit on Nagpuri Buffalo" ( Network project - ICAR) Dr. A.R. Sirothia I/c Prof. & Head , Department of A.G. & Breeding , Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur. 19.01.2002 2 years & 9 month 8,84,899 ICAR-NETWORK
42. Strengthing of Library Improvement and Networking" (ICAR, NATP) " Installation of LAN, MAFSU" Shri S. N. Gawande, University Librarian, NVC, Nagpur. 30.9.2002 31.12.04 86,65,564 NATP
43. "Development of ELISA for detection of Listeria monocytogenes in milk" (ICAR, NATP-CGP) Dr. D. R. Kalorey PI (NATP-CGP) Department of Microbiology Nagpur Veterinary College Nagpur. 2.4.2002 3 years 12,97,310 NATP
44. "Immunological control of bovine ticks"(ICAR, Ad-hoc) Dr. D. K. Maske Prof. & Head of Vety. Parasitology, NVC, Nagpur-440006 20.2.2003 3 years 19,92,400 Ad-hoc, ICAR
45. Establishment of Disease Surveillance and Diagnostic Centre for Wildlife in Central India (ICAR-Ad-hoc) Dr. D. B.Sarode Prof. of Medicine, Nagpur vet. College, Nagpur 2000 3 years 15,42,920 Ad-hoc, ICAR
46. Mechanization of Experimental Plots (NATP- MM) Dr. G. B Deshmukh, CCPI- Animal Nutrition, Cattle Breeding Farm, Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur, 1.3.2004 31/12/2004 67,50,000 NATP
47. Survey Evaluation & Charactrization of Gaolao Cattle (ICARADHOC) Dr. M. D. Kothekar, PI, Associate Prof. of Animal Genetic Breeding (AGB), Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur. 16.3.2004 3years 21,79,000 Ad-hoc, ICAR
48. Studies on pathologenesis of Listeria monocytogenes infections in poultry and development of its immunodiagnostics (ICAR ADHOC) Dr. N. V. Kurkure, PI & Assistant Prof. of Pathology, Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur. 24/8/2004 3 years 19,89,605 Ad-hoc, ICAR
49. Ad-hoc research scheme "National Information system on Agricultural Education Network In India (ICAR Ad-hoc) Shri S. N. Gawande, University Librarian, NVC, Nagpur. 22/9/04 (Jan.05) 3 years 60000 Ad-hoc, ICAR
50. Studies on venereal granuloma in Canines (ICAR-Ad-hoc) Dr. S. V. Upadhye, Assistant Prof. of Surgery Deptt. , Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur. 23/6/2005 (w.e.f. 4/5/05) 3 years 17,00,710 Ad-hoc, ICAR
51. Characterization of plasmid DNA of the Bacteria from foods of animal origin (ICAR-ADHOC) Dr. N. N. Zade, Associate Prof. , Dept. of Microbiology, NVC, Nagpur. 5/10/2005 (w.e.f. 12/8/05) 3 years 23,15,268 Ad-hoc, ICAR
52. "All India Network Project On Blue Tongue Disease" (ICAR, Network) Dr. Vivek Deshmukh Assoc. Prof. of Microbiology , College of Veterinary Science , Parbhani 18.7.2001 2 years 10,90,000 ICAR-NETWORK
53. "Improving reproductive efficiency of Cattle and buffalo" (ICAR, NATP-MM) Dr. R. L. Dhoble Professor, Dept. of Gynaecology & Obstetrics College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences MAFSU, Parbhani 1 April 2001 2 years & 7 month 56,25,000 NATP
54. "Evaluation of Locally available feeds & fodders improve Quality & formulation of economirations in sugarcane based production system" (ICAR, NATP ) Dr. V.H. Kalbande, C.C.P.I. and Associate Professor of Nutrition Parbhani Veterinary College, Parbhani. 12th Nov. 1999 4.6 years (30.06.03) 32,36,000 NATP
55. "Standardization of method for preparation of Karadkhee -A Tribal dairy product of Maharashtra" (Ad-hoc) Dr. C.D. Khedkar Asstt. Prof. College of Dairy Technology, warud (Pusad), Yeotmal 2002 2 years 2,59,000 Ad-hoc, ICAR
56. Studies on feasibility of innovative approaches for scaling of novel food systems (ICAR-ADHCO) Dr. S. P. Changade, Assistant Prof. & PI., College of Dairy Technology, Warud (Pusad), Dist- Yeotmal 1.7.2004 3 years 12,40,000 Ad-hoc, ICAR
57. Establishing Sorption Kinetics and Physical properties of selected fruit base milk shakes (ICAR-Ad-hoc) Dr. A. B. Kadu, PI & Assoc. Prof. and Head, D.T.C., Warud. 06/08/2004 3 years 6,00,000 Ad-hoc, ICAR
58. Incidence and Extent of Toxic Trace Elements in milk supplies of Maharashtra State (ICAR-ADHCO) Dr. T. J. Janbandhu PI & Assoc. Prof. & Dean, College of Dairy Technology, Warud (Pusad ) Dist- Yeotmal 06/08/2004 3 years 20,67,000 Ad-hoc, ICAR
59. Identification and Process Up-gradation of Vegetable based milk products of Maharashtra (adHOC) Dr. S. P. Changade, Assistant Prof. & PI., College of Dairy Technology, Warud (Pusad), Dist- Yeotmal 22/9/04 2 years 4,09,000 Ad-hoc, ICAR
60. Creation of Infrastructure facilities for running course Govt. of India, Ministry of food processing Ind. (mfpi) Dr. A. B. Kadu, PI. & Assoc. Prof. & Head, College of Dairy Technology, Warud (Pusad), Dist- Yeotmal 20/10/04 3 years 37,00,000 MFPI
61. Development of Standardized herbal product for bovine mastitis Dr. D. R. Kalorey, Associate Prof. & Head, Dept. of Microbiology, NVC, Nagpur 22/03/2006 3 years 33,15,000 DBT
62. Synchronization of Oestrus in Livestock Animals (Animal Husbandry Department, Pune) (MLDB) Dr. C. H. Pawshe Asstt. Prof. Department of Gynaecology PGIVAS, Akola 07/01/2008 1 years 58,85,000 MLDB
63. Mobile ambulatory Clinic Service for Socio economic upliftment of rural dairy farmers of Western Vidarbha Region (DST, New Delhi) Dr. D. B. Pawshe, PI & Associate Professor, PGIVAS, Akola 14/08/2008 3 years 13,97,000 DST
64. "Refferal Clinic and advance diagnostic Centre" Dr. D. B.Sarode Professor, Dept. of Medicine, NVC, Nagpur 26.10.02 5 years 38,75,000/- ICAR
65. "FIST Programme-04 " Govt. of India Ministry of Sci., DST, New Delhi-16 Dr. R. S. Dalvi, Professor of Anatomy, Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur. 19/1/2005 5 years 15,00,000 DST
66. Rheological Behavior and Modeling of Sorption Kinetics of Traditional Diary Products (RGSTC) Dr. P.G. Wasnik Associate Professor, College of Dairy Technology, Warud (Pusad), Dist- Yevatmal 16/02/2009 3 years 33,72,000 RGSTC
67. Modulating the Mycobacterium tuberculosis barriers design and development strategies (Govt. of India, M&S.T., Deptt. of Biotechnology, New Delhi) Dr. A. Samad, Dean, Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai 22/02/2007 3 years 33,83,000 DBT
68. Molecular characterization of Dangi and Khillar Cattle Dr. Umrikar, BVC, Mumbai 7.8.2010 6 months 6,00,000/- MLDB
69. Dissemination of technology on Berari goat rearing for rural population in five village of two blocks in Akola district of Maharashtra through demonstration & Training Programme Dr. S. V. Kuralkar, Asso. Prof., Dept. of AGB, PGIVAS, Akola 20/03/2008 3 years 14,73,000/- DBT
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